About RHT

Hi I am so glad you are here!

You have a calling and gift for teaching. RED Hot Teaching  will help you unlock and release that gift so you CAN BE the difference for your students, no matter what obstacles and negative factors you face, even if you ‘re already suffering from burnout.  Even if you secretly dread each day you have to roll out of bed and head to school.

I’m Linda Cordes, Creator, Author, and CEO of RED Hot Teaching.  In the more than 35 years of teaching at risk students, coaching teachers, serving as a district leader, presenting at state and national conferences, creating and publishing state math test prep materials, and consulting for a major textbook company, I’ve noticed across the board three facts.

  1. Educators are frustrated and overwhelmed.
  2. Educators are working too hard.
  3. The hard work is not paying off.

I believe there is a better way. I call it RED Hot Teaching

I’ve been in love with teaching as long as I can remember, before I even started school!

I clearly recall at the age of 5 gathering my older sisters to play school.  Even though I was the baby sister, I was always the teacher.  So it’s no wonder I became a teacher for life and rose to the top as the go-to leader every job I took.  I was always well known for my innovative teaching strategies and creative, engaging lessons.  My “at risk” kids usually outperformed the “normal” kids.

Then No Child Left Behind popped up and all anyone wanted to work on was teaching to a test and making kids pass it.  It got so ridiculous that I wondered if we did more testing than teaching! All the pressure weighing down on me as a teacher took its toll and in turn I pressed down on my students. I was still getting my kids to score well. But—Teaching and learning became mechanical and measured instead of flowing and fun.  I wasn’t enjoying it anymore, and I couldn’t be passionate looking at graphs and charts of data to decide what and how I should teach.

I got a little relief because they made me an instructional coach.  I thought, whew I don’t have to worry about “getting my kids to pass.” WRONG!  I soon found out being a coach meant I had to get all the kids in the whole school to pass the test and I had to get the teachers to make them do it!

Luckily, I thought, I don’t have much longer. I can hang in there. And I started counting days until retirement.

My pension would not be enough to live on, so I started looking for part time job to blossom into a second career (outside of education)  I started selling liquid vitamins.

That’s where I stumbled upon the most amazing training ever. They called it personal development, and It was nothing like anything I had ever learned in all the years of professional development I sat through!

I was learning how to set real goals that mattered to me and how to achieve them, really achieve them.

I was learning how to empower myself to walk through any challenges and how to turn obstacles into opportunities.  I regained confidence and enthusiasm and energy. I felt good about myself again.

But best of all, One day, it hit me upside the head. I realized the same strategies and tools I was learning outside of school would make my school life way easier and way more effective.

So I made some educational tweaks and started applying it.  I even created a few strategies and tools myself! I started applying it and covertly teaching it to my teachers. It worked even better than I imagined. The teachers I coached actually doubled the math proficiency and nearly tripled the reading and writing proficiency of our students.

I had to ask why wasn’t anyone telling teachers about this way of thinking, these strategies and tools?

Why wasn’t someone giving teachers what they really needed to stand up to the endless challenges they have to face every day?

And then I decided. That someone is me.

So I took my retirement and continued to work on refining my strategies and tools into a system, The same system I’m sharing with you today.

I organized the system into a formula and wrote a book.  I still wanted to test it out a little more, so I went back to school as a teacher, then as a district coach, and even as a behavior interventionist! It didn’t matter what role I played, the RED Hot Teaching Formula I discovered worked every time with magical results!

I served only one year as a behavior interventionist with very little training, but they awarded me “Support Staff of the Year” using RED Hot Teaching.

So now I’m here sharing it with you and knowing you’ll take this information, put it to good use, and see magnificent differences in your teaching and in your life!

Are you ready?

Pull out your adventure gear!  You are headed on the journey of your life!

  • If You ever struggle with how to engage and motivate all your students
  • If adapting to Common Core and learning new Programs every Year is eating up your time and driving you crazy.
  • If You ever wonder how much more stress and BS you can take
  • If You wish your kids would just sit down, be quiet and listen
  • If You are tired of teaching to the test and being called to the carpet when your scores fall short
  • If You are a long time veteran feeling burned out and counting the days until retirement
  • If You are a newbie and wondering if you can really deal with all the challenges ahead
  • If you are an administrator or coach and you want to help your teachers stand up to these challenges
  • And especially if despite all these negative odds against you, you still want to make a difference, but you are too frustrated with an over whelming system that isn’t working,  this training is for you!!

The RED Hot Teaching Formula I’m about to teach you will empower you to be fiercely unstoppable when you solve problems. It gives you a process and tools to tackle overwhelming obstacles into awesome opportunities to learn and grow your own skill set so that your students will love your teaching and beg you for more.  Bottom line, when you understand and start using the RED Hot teaching formula and the 21 tools that support it, You will see massive shifts in your mindset, your mood, your confidence, your teaching, your students and your results.

You will break through barriers that used to burn you out. You’ll set worthy goals that are meant to be achieved, and finally get the results that you and your students deserve!